Webhook.site: Terms of Use

1. Your responsibilities

You are responsible for your conduct and any content/data sent to Webhook.site.

1.1 Requirements for Service usage

  1. You may not misuse our Services by interfering with normal operation, or attempting to access them using a method other than through the interfaces and instructions that we provide.
  2. URLs generated by Webhook.site may not be included in any production applications that are received by end-users. URLs accidentally fed live production data are terminated, blacklisted and banned immediately.
  3. You may not attempt to upgrade an URL to premium by any other means than through the official methods provided to you on the Service.
  4. Unless authorized by the Owners, you may not use any manual or automated system to scrape the content or extract data of Webhook.site

Any breach of requirements will lead to immediate termination and blacklisting.

2. Permission to use

Subject to your complete and ongoing compliance with these terms, Webhook.site grants you limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable revocable permission to access the services and use the Service for your personal, internal use during the Term at the level of service for which you have paid all applicable Fees.

3. Premium Upgrade

Webhook.site provides a Premium Upgrade to all users who are members of our Campaign on the site Patreon.

3.1 Refunds

All services and sales are refundable through Patreon.

3.2 Fair Use Guidelines

Fair use policy is enforced on a per-case basis.

If any URL is causing interference to the Service in general, a URL may be shut down and blacklisted at any time.

By becoming a member, you are allowed to upgrade an unlimited amount of URLs as long as you are a paying Campaign member, and comply with the Fair Use criteria, listed below:

  1. The URLs you upgrade are personal and must only be used by the owner of the Patreon account. You may not share, link or distribute URLs and/or passwords to upgraded URLs.
  2. The URLs may only be used for internal testing
  3. The guidelines for Fair Usage of the service is the following:
    1. 10 URLs created per day
    2. 10000 requests per URL per day

Webhook.site: Privacy Policy

1. Who We Are

The Service at https://webhook.site ("Webhook.site", "Webhook Tester") is owned by Simon Fredsted.

2. Data collection

By using the services provided to you at Webhook.site, you accept that the following data is stored:

  1. Your IP address
    Reason for storage: diagnostics and rate limiting
  2. Any data that you submit to Webhook.site via URLs
    Reason for storage: to be delivered back to the user

For payment data collected by Patreon, see the Patreon Privacy policy. Webhook.site does not mirror or store any information collected by Patreon.

3. Analytics

Google Analytics is used to collect and gather statistics.

4. Data Retention

Without user action, all data automatically expires and is deleted after a maximum of 7 days.

5. Your rights

If you have used the service and want to delete the data, "delete" buttons are present. Users can also request that we delete specific URLs that may violate Danish law.

6. Where we send your data

Data is not sent to third parties by Webhook.site.

A user can choose to redirect content to any URL using the Server Redirect feature, the response of which is logged in Webhook.site.